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Start an unforgettable journey through Budapest’s vibrant streets. I’ve meticulously designed these city tours to not only blend history, culture, and stunning architecture but also to offer you countless moments to capture. My goal? To captivate your senses and enhance your understanding of this magnificent city.

Consider the historical castles and baths. Or the lively marketplaces and serene views of the Danube. Budapest enchants at every turn.

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Gabor Szabo

Budapest Essential Walking Tour

As we wander the city’s iconic streets, I’ll show you the top sights. See the grand Buda Castle, the age-old Chain Bridge, and the impressive Parliament building. Feel the buzz of the Central Market Hall. Savor Hungarian specialties. Relax by the serene Danube.

I’ve designed this walking tour with care. It brings you close to Budapest’s rich culture, stunning architecture, and deep-rooted traditions. Every step takes you further into the city’s intriguing history and lively current scene. Admire the Gothic Revival designs. Enjoy the thermal baths. This tour is a full introduction to the charm that Budapest offers.

Come along on the Budapest Essential Walking Tour. Uncover the stories, tastes, and sights that make this city so enchanting.
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Walking tour

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Photoshoot and sightseeing

Photoshoot & Sightseeing

Combine the excitement of exploration with photography on our Photoshoot & Sightseeing tour in Budapest. This experience lets you see Budapest’s breathtaking views and historical sights, capturing these moments with your camera. It’s ideal for both photography lovers and those who wish to document their journey in a unique way, offering more than the usual sightseeing.

Book now for our Photoshoot & Sightseeing tour. Allow Budapest’s scenery to be your photographic muse. Book today and transform your sightseeing into a collection of captivating memories.

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Budapest Bike Tour

Explore Budapest’s beauty and history in a thrilling new way with our Budapest Bike Tour. This two-wheeled adventure guides you through the city’s core, letting you cover more ground than on foot. You’ll get a fresh look at famous sites and hidden treasures.

As we cycle beside the Danube River, the city skyline unfolds with breathtaking views. See the iconic Parliament Building and majestic Buda Castle. We’ll also navigate charming streets, green parks, and lively districts, showcasing Budapest’s rich diversity.

This bike tour suits everyone, regardless of age or fitness. I’ve designed the route for maximum enjoyment and safety. Frequent stops allow for resting, photo ops, and exploration. With bikes and helmets provided, your comfort and safety are guaranteed.

Secure your spot now. Let’s start pedaling through Budapest’s heart together!

Bike tour

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Photowalk of Budapest

Join our Photowalk of Budapest, a journey perfect for photography lovers and those keen to capture this city’s essence. This guided tour introduces you to both the iconic sights and the hidden corners of Budapest, giving you unique photo opportunities.

Walking down the cobblestone streets, marvel at the Hungarian Parliament’s grandeur, Buda Castle’s history, and Fisherman’s Bastion’s charm. We go beyond the usual, exploring less-known spots to capture the real spirit and everyday scenes of Budapest.

During the walk, you’ll receive photography tips that work with any camera you might have. Learn about framing, composition, and using light and shadow to your advantage. This Photowalk isn’t just about taking pictures; it’s about discovering Budapest in a new way and storytelling through your lens.

It’s an ideal experience for budding photographers and picture-taking enthusiasts alike. Secure your place today, and let’s start revealing Budapest’s beauty and stories, one snapshot at a time.

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Night Walk & Cruise

The “Night Walk & Cruise” tour offers a unique opportunity to experience the city’s illuminated beauty through a night cruise and a walking tour. Participants can enjoy iconic sights like the Parliament, Buda Castle, and the Chain Bridge, all lit up. Additionally, the tour includes personal stories from the guide, enhancing the cultural and historical context of Budapest at night.

This walk includes an overwiew of Budapest at night when everything is illuminated. Come and feast your eyes on the lights of the city with this exceptional evening walk covering all the important sights with a different perspective. Then head into the busy night life of this city trying our ruin pubs and great food on offer. The tour is very interactive you can ask me anything from history to recommendations for the best places to eat.

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