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Photowalk of Budapest

Would like to take great photos while visiting Budapest?

Budapest is a huge city with many great photo locations.

But how do you cover most of the spots in one evening? And when you get to those places, how do you set your camera?

“Hello, My name is Gabor Szabo I am tour a tour guide and photographer from Budapest. I have fallen in love with cityscape of Budapest for ages and I try to take every opportunity to take photos whenever I am wandering in the city. With my local knowledge I can help you discover the best photo locations in ideal timing, so you can create postcard-like images.

I’ve also been doing night photography for years,so I believe I can help you with all the settings (It does not matter what camera you have).

You’ll see how easy it is to take cool nightscape picture

I will  show you the very best photo spots in Budapest within 3.5 hours

help you how to set up your camera for night photography

give you my tripod, if you don’t have one”

Gabor Szabo
Photo of a man

Our Photograpic Walk is a balance between sightseeing and photography tips. The walking tours can assist beginner photographers to develop more skills and confidence in using manual settings and lenses to take great photographs.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced photographer  the tour we will show you some of Budapest’s night gems giving anyone unique photographic opportunities.

Night photography  provide an opportunity to use a camera to capture the beauty of colours and reflections of Budapest’s lights. Tripod is a must to get the best results out of night photography.If needed I will lend you my professional tripod during the tour.We can also hand you some interesting manual(vintage) lenses mainly with  M42 mount

These lenses can be adapted very easily to your DSLR or MILC camera body.


Duration: 3,5  hours

Starts: 8:00 pm

Meeting point: Deák tér  ( in front of the Evangelical church) you can also be picked up from your hotel

Bird’s eye view of Budapest from Gellért hill / Castle district
Bridges of Budapest
Danube promenade
Klotild palaces
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I am Gabor Szabo, a passionate cityscape photographer and tour guide helping you to have the best pictures in Budapest

I love seeing people taking great photos while we make friends as well and get known to the city’s history as well.

Budapest is a phenomenal city.The city really shines at any time of the day but at the same time shows a completely different face at night


3 -3,5 hours


Walking around to the most photogenic spots

Shooting in the famous Golden and Blue Hour, and at night

Guidance on low light photography + my photography tips


I’ll give you my tripod, if you don’t have one.

You can try out some of my vintage ( analog ) lenses if you own a Canon DSLR or a SONY A mirrorless camera body but if you bring your own adapter you can adjust my M42 lenses on your camera body.

Getting around


Public transportation (tickets not included)

Taxi (fare not included)


One photographer: 95 EUR

Two photographers: 160 EUR

Non-photographer attendants: FREE